Simon Zatyrka

My name is Simon Zatyrka. Culinary Mechanic was born from a desire to help chefs and restauranteurs manage their time, people, and businesses better. I have been a chef, consultant, coach, mentor, and good old-fashioned sounding board in the restaurant and hospitality industries for more than thirty years. Whether it's sharing a story that finds the hidden lesson or geeking out on productivity hacks, my strengths are rooted in helping people find their strongest options, fostering community, and empowering people to make great decisions.
With 33 years of experience in the kitchen, I've developed more than 50 chefs and sous chefs in the last 20 years. Cooking straight out of the womb. Adorned with the obligatory "Chef-Pig" tattoo that asks, "What would you do for bacon?" Simon has been in the hospitality industry for 33 years. He's been in kitchens in all four corners of the country and New Mexico too.
A firm believer that cooking over an open fire is the way! Currently pivoting out of operations, he is focused on bolstering chef communities, fostering better kitchen cultures, and teaching sous chefs and chefs to be better managers through structure, organization, and technology.

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