Prime Cost Troubleshooting and Optimization

Prime cost is usually the largest expense of a restaurant, which means that if you can lower your prime cost, you are directly increasing your bottom line. Significantly, prime cost is made up of the areas that can be controlled by restaurant owners and restaurant management. 

At Culinary Mechanic we have the lived experience to have f$%ked these things up enough in our career to be able to find the issues, recommend the appropriate fixes that not only include the whos and whats, but also the whys.

Beginning with the understanding that food cost, beverage cost and labor cost are dynamic numbers with lots of variables we believe that the cornerstone of running great costs is consistent tracking.

  • Organized storage areas
  • Detailed order guides (pars, pack size, on hand counts, etc)
  • Detailed receiving practices
  • Thorough Inventories
  • Daily prep lists 
  • Waste Logs
  • Costed Schedules
  • Detailed costed recipes
  • Purchase/Invoice tracking
  • Specific portioning tools
  • Product mix reports
  • Sales forecasting (sales history, current events, weather)


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