What is Culinary Mechanic?

Culinary Mechanic is part of a new breed of restaurant advisory firms. Utilizing technology to serve our clients, whether just down the street or across the country. Focused on a "done with" vs. a "done for" approach, we are on a mission to help transform the restaurant and hospitality industries. 

Our commitment lies in enhancing operational systems, documenting and optimizing processes, and empowering our clients with the education and resources to not only improve their businesses but also to keep it that way after our engagement ends.

As a virtual consulting firm, we offer the best services to our clients from a distance. We work collaboratively with our clients to foster innovation and strengthen their teams. We focus on developing leadership skills in chefs, sous chefs, and BOH operators before, during, and after each engagement, including executive coaching, chef retention strategies, and hands-on training in both soft and hard chef skills.

We believe in the importance of taking care of people and promoting self-care as crucial elements for a successful business. Our team is composed of business leaders and experienced chefs who understand the unique challenges faced by BOH operations in the kitchen and dining room. That's why we strive to make changing the industry more accessible by offering education through expertly curated content and resources, capable coaching, and a strong network that enhances our ability to bring about change.

If you believe that you or your team can benefit from our consulting and educational services, contact us today at (213) 393-2222. We would be more than happy to help you reach your goals and guide you along your journey to becoming an even more efficient and successful operation. Let's work together to provide the boost your restaurant needs to stay at the top of your industry.

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