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Our founder, who has over three decades of experience in the restaurant and hospitality sectors, saw that restaurants are intricate machines in need of tuning and maintenance. In response, we founded Culinary Mechanic, aiming to help chefs, sous chefs, and BOH operators grow their leadership skills.

We emphasize the importance of fundamental leadership skills in empowering chefs to make effective decisions, take care of themselves, and develop strong teams. We understand the value of empowered and well-trained chefs in navigating the challenges of staffing shortages and rising product costs. Furthermore, having hired, developed, and promoted more than fifty chefs and sous chefs, our focus on nurturing talent and encouraging self-care aligns with our philosophy that restaurants are not only about great cooking but also about sound business practices.

We understand that success in this industry takes creative thinking and thoroughness. As a team of chefs helping chefs, we stand out as a valuable resource in the restaurant industry. From concept development and coaching to operations review and on-call monitoring, we have the experience to tailor personalized services that meet the needs of clients on their journey to sustainable success.

If you are an owner or chef looking to grow, take action, and take control of your business, contact us today and start the journey to sustainable success! We have what you need and are committed to helping you optimize your operations and achieve success.

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